Thu, 11 Mar 2021 11:00 'I make up a silly name': Understanding Children's Perception of Privacy Risks Online by Jun Zhao (University of Oxford)

This seminar builds on our 2019 CHI paper "'I make up a silly name': Understanding Children's Perception of Privacy Risks Online": The paper discussed how children (aged 6-10) could identify and articulate certain privacy risks well, such as information oversharing or revealing real identities online; however, they had less awareness with respect to other risks, such as online tracking or game promotions. Our findings offer promising directions for supporting children’s awareness of cyber risks and the ability to protect themselves online. The talk will also discuss how our research has progressed since 2019 and how it is related to the latest development of children's data protection regulation in the UK.

Speaker Bio:

Dr Jun Zhao is a Senior Researcher in the Department of Computer Science at Oxford University. Her research focuses on investigating the impact of algorithm-based decision makings upon our everyday life, especially for families and young children. For this, she takes a human-centric approach, focusing on understanding real users' needs, in order to design technologies that can make a real impact. Currently, she is leading the KOALA project and the ReEnTrust project. She works closely with schools, children, families as well as technologists for children, to understand the technological, societal and regulatory challenges that we are facing, to inform national and international policymakers, technology designers and families. She is also part of the 100 Brilliant Women in AI and Ethics global initiative, to promote diversity and equality in this critical research area.

Venue: Online